Data Synchronization

The idea of the synchronization is to have acces of all your gatherd data on different devices. It is not intended to input data for one match on several devices.

The synchronization happens in regular time interfalls and is not instant. This means it can last from seconds to some minutes if changes apear on other devices. Thes depends on the Synchronization option you choose. Currently  iPhones, iPod Touches und iPads are supported.

Enable Synchronization

To enable the sync feature select the settings icon on the launch screen. On the top you can select the sync option. Select one and enter your credentials if asked.

Disable or Change Synchronization

If you like to change or disable the synchonization tap on the sync option. YOur data will not be erased from the former service.

Synchronization Options

Currently CoachScore provide two options to synchronize data between several devices. Which option you choos depends on your use case.

As a single user with several devices you can choose 
If you like to synchronize different devices from different users you may use 


If you select iCloud your data are available on all your personal iOS devices. You can install CoachScore on all your personal devices and the data will be available.
To use iCloud you have to enable it in Setting on all of your devices and you have to be logged in with the same Apple ID.


Dropbox is a free usable service to share or sync your data with other devices. This is usefull if you want to synchronize data between several devices of sevral other users, e.g. a team. In this case it is recommended to create an seperate Dropbox account and share this account with the team member.

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