Create, Export and Import Teams

A team consists of players and officials, e.g. trainers. 

Create a Team

The team list can be reached by tapping the teams icon on the launch screen. In the teams list there are all added teams. With the 
+ symbol in the top right corner you can create new teams.

There you can enter a teams name and select a team emblem. If needed you can add a custom category to the team. 

Add Players

You can add new or already existing players to a team. Select the team with a tap on the name. In the appearing players list tap the 
+ symbol to add a new player. To search for an existing player tap on the search icon.

A player may have first and last name, a birth date and a pass number as well as an image. You can specify a player number. This will be the default number for all matches, but can be easly changed before you start a new match. A player can be assigned to more then one team.

Export a Team

A team can easily be exported, The export format depends on the use case: 
  • PDF: Document for printing the team list
  • CBTL: Comma seperate file with the team data, to import in another App
  • CBTB:  Binary file to import the team data in the CoachScoreApp of another user.
To export tap the  i symbol next to the team name. In the detail view on the bottom is an export button. After tapping this button the format selector appears.

On the top you can select the Target
  1. Apps (Mail, iMessage, etc)
  2. Cloud Services(iCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive etc.)
After tapping the export button again you can select the specific target app or service.


Team PDF:  SG Justplainapps.pdf
Team CBTL: SGJustplainapps.cbtl

Import a Team

If you recieve a CBTL or CBTB File via Mail you can simply import this team by open the file with the CoachScore App. If the file was a CBTB file the team emplem and the player images are importet as well.

You can create your CBTL file by your own. Look into the example file change names, numbers and so on.

Team CBTL: SGJustplainapps.cbtl

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