Create, Export and Import a Match

On the Launch Screen all Matches are displayed.

Create a Match

To create a new match tap the + symbol. A match detail view will appear. There you can input
  • match number
  • match date & time
  • match kind
  • match class
and you can select the teams from the teams list.

If you do not select a specific team a generic is genreated for you. The generic teams will be called  'Home' and 'Guest'. You can add players to the generic teams in the match overview.

Match Overview

The created match can be selected from the matches list. Then the match overview will appear. On the first two pages both teams with all players will be displayed. The first 14 players of a team will be added automatically. To change the match participation tap on the players name. You can add up to 14 players an 4 officials.
Still you can add mor players with the + symbol.

To set the match and time rules switch to the Infos tap. There the match and time rules will be displayed. To change same tap on the corresponding button.

To switch to the match view tap the > symbol in the top right corner. There you can add match events. After the start of a match the rules cannot be changed. 

Export a Match

After the end of a match you can export it. There are this export options:
  • PDF: The match report for printing and sharing
  • CSV: The match report incl. all match events as csv file.
  • CBMB: Binary file to import into the CoachScore App of another user. 

To export tap the export button on the top of the match overview. After tapping this button the format selector appears.

On the top you can select the Target
  1. Apps (Mail, iMessage, etc)
  2. Cloud Services(iCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive etc.)
After tapping the export button again you can select the specific target app or service.

Import a Match

If you recieve a match as an CBMB File, e.g. via Mail you can tap on the file and open it with the CoachScore App and the match will be imported.

Here are example files for a match:

CBMB file
PDF file
CSV file

Create a Team from a generic one.

If you used a generic team in the match and want to give it a proper name. Go to the Infos tap select Edit and tap on the generic team. The team input view will appear. There you can add the name and team emblem if you like.

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