Match & Time Rules

Every match can have individual match & time rules.

Match Rules 

There are the following rules:
  • Number of Team Time Outs
  • Maximum number of Team Time Outs per match part
  • Length of the Team Time Out
  • Number of allowed yellow cards per team
  • Number of allowed time penalties per player
  • Length of the time penalty

Time Rules

There are the following rules:
  • Number of match parts (Half time, Thirds, etc.)
  • Length of a match part
  • Lenght of the break between the match part
  • Is the an extra time
  • Number of extra time periods and the length of the extra time parts (e.g. 2 x 2*5 minutes)

A Match and time rule respectively can be set as default by tapping the Save button on the bottom right corner. To save a specific rule with a name. Select the Folder symbol on the bottom left.
Saved rules can be accessed via the Bookmark symbol on the top left corner.

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